About us

The Linum Foundation was set up in 2013 and is based on 3 pillars:
1. Linum (the Latin name for flax) refers to the Vanderbeke family’s roots, founders of the Linum Foundation.
Flax is a noble product, from which daily labour and efforts produce beautiful and innovative products. The flax sector is known for its entrepreneurial spirit that encourages solidarity and cooperation with human warmth. We aim to adopt these
values in our business group and the Linum Foundation.

2. We heard the story of a young student who suffers a very rare eye disease, and for which unfortunately, medical science has not found a cure up til now.
Today this rare eye disease can only be stabilised, and to do so it requires a very expensive treatment.

3. We consider quality and commitment between our employees, suppliers and customers to be of paramount importance! With the belief that each life is of equal value we wish, with this group, to help people improve their health and mobility through our financial or material support. Our assistance may only represent a fraction of what is actually needed, nevertheless this mutual commitment represents major added value for our daily business activities.